A Theme.

Each songwriter will perform one intimate solo set based around a specific theme. What kind of theme? That's up to the individual songwriter. We think it's a unique opportunity for the songwriter and the audience members alike to experience a crafted and curated selection of songs with an overarching storyline-- a one-of-a-kind musical conversation above and beyond a standard acoustic set of music. 

a conversation.

Have you ever wondered where a song comes from? Or perhaps the mindset and discipline it takes for a songwriter to take a glimmer of inspiration and turn it into a fully formed song? Maybe you've found yourself wondering what life is like for a troubadour on the road, or where one might find the best taco in Lubbock... 

We've cooked up a special feature for the Marathon Songwriters Festival if those kinds of questions are your thing. Each songwriter will host a conversation with festival attendees in a relaxed atmosphere where anything song-related (and perhaps taco-related, too) goes. If you've ever wondered... here's your chance to know.

A Big Shindig.

To close out the last night of the Marathon Songwriters Festival each of the performing songwriters will join together on one stage to bring the festival to its rightful conclusion-- one big, fun, joyous shindig. 


Performances will take place on the grounds of The Gage Hotel, as well as at Marathon's newest attraction, The Brick Vault Brewery and Barbecue, located one block east of The Gage.