Drew kennedy

Drew Kennedy has devoted his life to writing and performing his songs his way. With a catalog eight albums deep, one novel penned, and a music festival created (the annual Red River Songwriters’ Festival), Kennedy has done more than build a strong career– he has reimagined what it means to be a songwriter, both artistically and entrepreneurially. His always-expanding circle of collaborators includes Lori McKenna, Walt Wilkins, Matraca Berg, Jeff Hanna, Travis Meadows, Jeffrey Steele, Heather Morgan, Sean McConnell, and others, while Lori McKenna, Patty Loveless and Jason Eady, Travis Meadows, Jason Boland, Ben Danaher, and more have recorded his songs.

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Josh Grider


“The hardest thing for people to admit about themselves is that they’re going to change,” says Josh Grider. The country stalwart knows, because he’s done it himself. When you release eight albums, tour the country and abroad, sign publishing deals, top the Texas radio charts, and start a family all in just over a decade, you’re going to come out different than when you went in. On upcoming new record Good People, the New Mexico native turns the lessons he’s learned so far into an impressive collection of catchy, substantive country tunes — the kind that draw parallels between Grider and artists like Kacey Musgraves and Steve Earle. But Grider delivers them with a smooth neo-traditional baritone to rival Joe Nichols and melodic hooks that, when they hit you just right, feel timeless on first listen.


John baumann

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Hailed as a "Texas Troubadour on the Rise," John Baumann released his fourth studio album Proving Grounds to an eager fanbase in June 2017.  The project includes the buzz-worthy track "Old Stone Church" in which Baumann digs deep into his experience of losing his father to cancer, rightfully earning its spot on several acclaimed "Best Songs of 2017" lists. Lonestar Magazine raves, “Too soon for accolades? Nah. More like right on time. And so long as he keeps gunning for the horizon... there oughta be a lot more of ’em coming down the line" 


heather little


Heather Little was born in north-central Texas, and grew up around Austin and Dallas and all the music that thrives there. She is the co-writer of “Gunpowder and Lead” and “Me and Charlie Talkin'”, both recorded by Miranda Lambert. Her credits also include Sunny Sweeney’s “Helluva Heart” and “Minefield,” from Travis Meadows’s acclaimed album Killin’ Uncle Buzzy. And now you can hear more of her songwriting on Lindsey Harding’s album Sound of My Heart (including the title track).


matt powell


Matt Powell is a Virginia born singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist who spent sixteen years residing in Austin, Texas before returning to his home state. He has self-produced and independently released six solo efforts on which he performs nearly everything. He has also appeared on and produced records for a number of other artists and has played guitar/bass for a number of acts including Wade Bowen, Adam Hood, Bonnie Bishop, Drew Kennedy, The Greencards, Brandon Rhyder, Sunny Sweeney, and many others. Matt's music is an intricate, interesting blend of many styles ranging from country and bluegrass, to singer/songwriter type tunes, to rock, soul, and blues; all of which Powell seems to somehow tie together and always deliver with a catchy pop sensibility. His songs have been recorded by a number of artists from Texas favorites like Bleu Edmondson and Wade Bowen to more mainstream artists like Jack Ingram and Miranda Lambert